4 reasons to choose a specialized travel nursing agency

nurse from a specialized travel nursing agency and her patient

There are a lot of travel nursing agencies out there, and it can be hard to know which one to choose. Some agencies bill themselves as a one-stop shop, serving all sorts of nursing specialties, while others focus their efforts on just a few specialties. But which is better?

While a big agency may staff a wider variety of nurse jobs, the team at a specialized travel nursing agency works with your specialty every single day. Here are four reasons why it makes sense to choose a specialized travel nursing agency like Foundation Medical Staffing.

1. We understand exactly what you do

Recruiters at Foundation Medical Staffing work with dialysis, telemetry, and home health nurses all day every day, so they’ve learned the ins and outs of what nurses need and expect from these types of assignments.

Lorena Gibby and her husband
Lorena Gibby and her husband

Kristen Gouker, an account manager on the dialysis team at Foundation, says she’s able to better serve nurses by having a specialized focus. “There are several different mini-specialties within dialysis that our clients ask for, and because we specialize in it, we can make sure we’re getting them the right candidate with the right training and correct experience. It builds trust in our clients and the nurses because we know what we’re talking about.”

Likewise, nurses appreciate working with a recruiter who understands the intricacies of their profession. RN Lorena Gibby has traveled with Foundation for almost four years. When she started researching travel nursing agencies, she says, “I knew that I wanted somebody whose main focus was dialysis. I worked with a woman who worked with Foundation and she spoke very highly of them.”

2. We can match you with the right job

By only focusing on a few nursing specialties, Foundation recruiters can better match nurses with open jobs that fit them. Lorena says this helps her recruiter understand exactly what she’s looking for. “I do think it helps that I can explain to her what I want and have her actually understand what I’m asking for,” she says.

Specializing allows recruiters to have better connections within the industry, too. Katie Elliott, PCT, began working with Foundation in 2017. She was immediately impressed with the speed that her recruiter made things happen. “She always kept me in the loop. The first day I talked to her she had a job in Washington and asked if I wanted it. I said, ‘Sure’. I got a call an hour later and got the job. So, within the day I had my first assignment.”

3. We provide 24/7 support

RN Wendy Devine has been traveling with Foundation for six years. She appreciates that her recruiter is available 24/7 if she needs assistance, and notes that she’s spoken with other agencies who didn’t offer the same kind of support. It was one of the reasons she decided to work exclusively with Foundation.

Having a recruiter who understands exactly what you do is especially helpful when things go wrong. “When she knows what you’re talking about, it really helps out a lot,” says Wendy.

Kristen echoes this sentiment. “I think one of the key things about us specializing in dialysis is that they can call and vent to us, and we can relate.”

4. We care about you as a person, not just a commission

Wendy Devine
Wendy Devine

When Wendy first started looking into traveling, she had a lot of questions. “When I called Foundation, Kristen explained things to me and the conversations went on almost daily for two or three weeks,” Wendy says. Wendy’s husband had a lot of questions too, and Kristen even spoke with him a few times to explain how the process worked.

“By the time I got ready to go on assignment, I was comfortable,” Wendy says. “Kristen called me several times during the trip to make sure I was safe and everything was going well, because she knew I was a ‘nervous Nellie’ starting out.”

Accommodating what’s going on in a nurse’s life is top priority for recruiters at Foundation. “They realize that this isn’t something that you’re just doing for fun. This is something that you’re doing for a paycheck,” says Katie. “My recruiter knew exactly where I was financially, and she knew what I was hoping for and she delivered.”

For dialysis, telemetry, and home health nurses, Foundation Medical Staffing can help you start or grow in your travel nursing career in a way other staffing agencies can’t, because we understand you better.

We can help you find the travel nursing job that’s perfect for you. Give us a call at 877.461.4640 or view today’s travel nurse job openings.

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